Molly has been lamenting over her backyard’s mosquitos. While we love nature, these little guys are quite a nuisance. Did you know that lavender is a natural mosquito repellent? Or there are environmentally safe chemical treatments available? Or that there are a bevy of local businesses seeking to rid your yard of mosquitoes once and for all? There are a lot of ways to hinder mosquitoes taking up residence in your yard while keeping your landscaping beautiful and lush. Today we’re bringing you mosquitoes 101 to help you keep these bothersome bugs at bay! 

Plant Lavender

Not only is lavender beautiful when it blooms, but it also is a natural mosquito repellent. According to experts, lavender essential oils have up to two hours protection, and the plants themselves release a fragrant odor that mosquitoes despise. Consider planting these plants close to your backdoor to prevent the pests from flying inside. If you find yourself holding an outdoor party, use lavender for your centerpieces to serve double duty. 

Add a Thermacell Lantern

“Thermacell is what I’ve started using, and it is amazing,” says Molly. There are several different models on their website, so choosing one that’s right for your needs should be easy. If you want a tip from your friendly real estate experts, the Wright-Clinkscales team, we love the Thermacell lanterns. They are not only reasonably priced, but they blend seamlessly into exterior patio decor. The brand also makes a series of sleek torches

Invest in Monthly Treatments

While chemical treatments can be controversial and are completely up to your personal preference, there are several local companies that offer mosquito treatment. One of our favorite companies is Mr. Mister. Get on their monthly schedule for once-per-month yard treatments that are 100% guaranteed. In fact, if you spot a mosquito, they’ll return to retreat! Another local company we like is Green Queen. The brand uses an essential oil based solution which helps protect bees and butterflies. Another plus? They’re a women-owned business like us! 

Or Do It Yourself 

Molly and her husband swear by Thermacell, but to help ensure a mosquito-free yard, they also do a monthly DIY treatment using Cutter Natural Bug Control. For a under $15 per bottle,  Cutter is a pet-friendly way to treat your yard yourself. The bottle attaches to your garden hose to help thoroughly spray necessary areas, and it contains lemongrass oil which is its natural active ingredient.