When Molly mentioned she was planning to DIY paint her kitchen cabinets, we knew we had to share a blog post about DIY paint projects for your home. As you often hear in real estate, there’s nothing a little paint can’t solve, and it’s true! We’ve seen more than one miraculous transformation by simply switching-up a paint color. From kitchens to front doors and from bathrooms to bedrooms, there’s so much you can do with a little bucket of paint.

Choosing to DIY a paint project, such as kitchen cabinets, can be a huge money saver. Buying new cabinets, and more than likely new countertops and backsplashes can quickly add up to a kitchen overhaul. Instead of replacing everything, consider simply repainting like Molly. It takes just a few hours and some elbow grease, and voila! A good as new, photo-worthy kitchen is born. We’ll be sure to share Molly’s project once it’s finished, so stay tuned!

Painting is also a great way to repurpose instead of buying new, especially in the age of fast everything. Instead of sending your grandmother’s precious antiques to the nearest Goodwill, think about what a piece might look like if you painted it instead. We’re huge fans of repurposing especially when staging a home. If you have furniture you’re looking to pass on after you move, consider painting it and using it for staging!

Of course, we couldn’t end this post without giving you some insight into our favorite paint products. For projects such as those we’ve been describing (like cabinets and furniture), we recommend using one of the following types of paint:

  1. Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan made chalk paint the DIY cult favorite that it is today. It was first created in 1990 making it a tried and true product. Many DIYers flock to Annie Sloan paint because the company claims that no priming or sanding is required. However, remember that you don’t want to find yourself in a repainting pickle, so it’s best to prep your project accordingly. Chalk paint comes in a variety of fantastic colors, too!  

  1. Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is known for being incredibly durable and long-lasting. According to the brand, it also doesn’t require a lot of prepping and is waterproof without adding a top-coat which saves tons of time during the project. Even better? It’s environmentally friendly making it a great choice for our eco-conscious clients.

  1. General Finishes Milk Paint

While you’re bound to be familiar with milk paint, we’ve heard that General Finishes is the way to go. It can be used both indoors and outdoors which means it’s a stress-free solution for sprucing up exterior projects like outdoor furniture and even doors. It also doesn’t require a topcoat, so once the project is done, it’s DONE!

Because of our hot summers, this time of year is perfect for DIY paint projects. Have we gotten your wheels turning? What project are you planning to start with? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!