When it comes to the Wright-Clinkscales team, we like to think we have several characteristics that set us apart from our fellow realtors. However if we had to narrow it down to one key difference, we’re proudest of our dedication to hiring professional stagers for our listings. In a world in which shoppers expect homes to look the way they do on HGTV, staging your home makes a big impact and is integral to the selling process. Whether you could use a little decluttering before selling or you’re looking to make the best impression you can, staging can put your home ahead of the competition.

Decluttering is cathartic and necessary.

Not only will decluttering certainly help you rid your home of unwanted items, but it actually benefits the staging process. Think about those spaces that catch clutter: the junk drawer, your linen closet, under the sinks, etc. While you might think you’re hiding things, a buyer might think that those spots mean that your home doesn’t have enough storage. Allowing a stager to work their magic and clear the junk will help you make sure these clutter-catching spaces don’t hinder the deal.

Visualization is key.

When your items are moved out of your home and replaced with ones from a stager, potential buyers will be better able to picture their own things in their place. Giving buyers a visual of their family watching a movie in the great room, or their kids doing homework at the dining room table will help them develop a sense of belonging. Your home represents who you are; the goal of staging is to make the house represent everyone else.

Television guides expectations.

Regardless of how you feel about fixer-upper television, the fact of the matter is that our guides are inundated with reality t.v. shows about home renovations. If you’ve ever watched one of these before-and-after programs, you know that part of the big reveal is to stage and showcase the home to buyers. Now, shoppers almost expect homes they visit to be beautifully staged with furniture, accessories, and art. Give them what they want: a staged home that even Joanna Gaines couldn’t say no to.

Staging leaves an impression.

It goes without saying that staging your home will certainly leave an impression on anyone who comes through the doors. Stagers are good at what they do because they take everything into consideration from the shape and function of a room to what colors will be most pleasing to buyers. In fact, some stagers might even use your furniture to stage. A stager’s job is to make your home look its best: putting a full bed in a smaller than average master, removing blinds from a room with a great view, moving a painting from above the mantle to above the sofa. No matter what changes might happen, hiring stagers will most definitely leave an impression.

Staging improves your mindset.

While sellers might use your furniture to stage your home, the reality is that seeing new items or even old ones in a new way will help you get ready to sell. We get it. Sometimes it’s emotionally draining and downright hard to sell your house. However, staging your residence will help you not see the house as your home anymore. Instead, you’ll start to see it (and maybe even believe it) as a product on the market versus the place your family made memories.

If you’re interested in selling your home, we’d love to chat about staging it, too. Remember like a fine wine, not all stagers are created equally. Contact us to see why our process works the best.